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    To all,

    I searched for this topic, but could not find my answer.

    I have a Treo 600 on Sprint PCS with the following phone info:
    Software: Treo600-1.0-SPR
    Hardware: B
    PRL Rev: 10020
    PRI Checksum: 0x8D39

    Each time I get an incoming SMS message to my phone, while I have on the Securit Lockout function, the following happens:
    (1) My phone rings (or vibrates) and I see the message that I have a new txt-msg.
    (2) I press the middle button on the 5-way keypad to unlock the Lockout function.
    (3) Enter my password press ok.
    (4) I see the SMS message aler with the options for: Done, Snooze, Go To Message.
    (5) If I press any option on the touch-screen or via the 5-way keypad - I get a soft reset.

    Note: Even after doing a hard-reset to bring the phone back to the factory settings, if I get a SMS to my phone it still soft-resets. Due to this fact I do not believe it haas to do with any software on the Treo.

    If I send messages from my phone, I do not get a soft-reset.

    Any suggestions?


    P.S. I haven't upgraded to the March/May update for the phone since I have heard it trouncing some people's phones.
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    I think I am getting closer to the cause of the problem... in a round about sort of way.

    I have just sent 10 email messages to my phone: with the Security Lockout enabled, and my phone in sleep mode and had no errors, soft-resets, and no "locled out" Lockout screen.

    Now if my friends on both the Cingular and Verizon networks, send me a txt-msg: with my phone in Lockout mode and a sleep...
    (1) My Lockout Screen appears.
    (2) My keyboard light turns on.
    (3) And my touchscreen and keyboard does not respond!

    At this point I cannot: soft-reset my Tero since the above steps 1-2-3 repeats. But, if I soft-reset and press the "silver" special function key on the lower left hand side of the keyboard, I can enter my password and everything works from there... I get my SMS message and can read it.

    Has anyone heard of this?

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    While not perfect, I am happy with this work around.

    It seems that my phone only resets after someone sends me a text-msg to my cell phone number using my phone number as the text-msg designation to send the message, but my phone doesn't reset if they send a txt-msg to me using my SMS address: ?

    So, if anyone else is having the same trouble... this does work.


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