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    Lately my Treo 270's keyboard has been acting up. Or rather my Treo thinks that its keyboard is active when it's not. Specifically, it sometimes starts pulling down menus as if the menu key were being constantly pushed. So I wonder if anyone else here has had any similar problams.

    I replaced my Treo's battery a few months ago and wonder if that might have knocked something loose inside the Treo's case but if that were my problem wouldn't it have arisen then and not two months later? Is my Treo on it's last legs or has my constant abuse of it just knocked it loopy?
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    It could be that thing with the screws on the back being too tight. Try loosening then 1/4 turn as recommended here.
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    Does it happen as you close the lid? It does on mine and it appears that the top of the screen is being squeezed and registering as a stylus press on the top row, thus bringing up the menu.

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