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    Just bought a brand new Lexar 32x 256mb SD card. It is replacing an old 128mb MMC card. I push it in, and I get 'The handheld cannot recognize this card'?

    It will not format using 'Card info', Filez doesnt see it, PDA Security wont format. I am really upset as I have been really looking forward to this upgrade. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Do you have access to a pc with a card reader? try putting it in there and seeing if it works.

    another possibility is that it is not yet formatted but is write protected. make sure the slider isn't set to prevent writing.
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    Unfortunately I dont. My MP3 player accepts MMC, my camera is XD, and thats it. I am sure its not formated as its new. But I cannot format in my treo. Any other suggestions. Thanks

    Is format under 'card info' the correct procedure to make a card usable in the treo?

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    mason08, select card info and then menu again then hit format card that should do the trick. good luck
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    Using Treo itself to format memory card is the best way to utilize your card. So does the application in digital camera.

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