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    OK.. I've had my second T600 for almost 10 months -- and it's worked pretty much flawlessly. I will admit that I have a bad habit of "trying" a lot of new programs and find myself installing and uninstalling dozens of different apps. Many of which take control or allow fine tuning of the phone features of the Treo.

    And so I was not suprised when my phone began exhibiting strange behavours... I figured, it's a bit early, but I'll perform a little spring cleaning and all will be well.


    After a hard reset, I began some testing with a vanilla phone (no apps installed) -- all the same strangeness is still present.

    Here's the ****... It all seems to boil down to two issues.

    1. Call Hanging -- for no reason, a call will go dead, and the phone will be left in a limbo state, only giving control back after a soft reset. Sometimes it happens after 3 min. Sometimes after 5 min. And sometimes not at all.

    2. "No Service" and failure to send or receive calls. This one is most perplexing. In places that are known good reception areas, I will attempt to make a call (three or four bars showing). The Phone will begin dialing, then flash back to the main dial screen and show "No Service." I can also do this by calling the Treo and watching the "Sprint" sign change from norman with four bars to "No Service" -- at which time, the incoming call goes to VM.

    VERY FRUSTRATING... I'm planning a trek over to the Sprint Store this weekend, but would love some thoughts and imput from the smart folks here first.

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    Phone is DEAD. D-E-A-D. Good luck with the replacement.
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    This is a standard and well known issue with the Treo. I had no trouble returning mine for a new one. With my SD card backup the new phone mirrored my old phone exactly.

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