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    ** 1.0b15.13
    * Autocomplete is no longer case sensitive (should never have been)
    * New message count in appears phone app if Chatter is the default mail app
    * Another fix to message deletion in message view

    ** 1.0b15.12
    * fix problem with attachment deletion when message is deleted
    * add "nudge" feature (repeating vibrate) in notifications
    * fix problem related to deleting messages in message view

    ** 1.0b15.11
    * Fixed problem with reply all and your return address
    * Added hi-res icons for t650
    * Reply now uses a "Reply-to" address, if specified

    ** 1.0b15.10
    * Fixed problem with deleting items in Message View
    * Another SSL try...
    * Fixed a problem in which partly loaded attachments didn't get deleted.

    ** 1.0b15.9
    * You're no longer included in reply all recipients
    * LED wasn't following the Notification rules in bg
    * Restored more stable SSL code (I think)
    * Fixed unsightly garbage character in signatures
    * Fixed a problem related to Chatter as default app
    * Fixed a problem that might cause reply and/or load of wrong message when deletions are in progress.

    ** 1.0b15.8
    * Fixed autocomplete on Treo 650
    * Fixed popup notifications on Treo 650

    ** 1.0b15.7
    * Auto-completion of recent addresses for sending
    * The "red flag" alert no longer appears when "Disable All Notifications" is set
    * Works with Treo 650, with some issues reported by early testers:

    1) Popup notifications don't work properly. Please disable them in the "Notifications" screen.
    2) There is some screen "flicker" when moving between messages.

    I have not yet received my Treo 650 (should come tomorrow); I expect to have fixes for these issues later in the week.

    ** 1.0b15.5
    * SMTP sending crash introduced in 15.4 fixed (a few people have triggered it)

    ** 1.0b15.4 (there is no 15.3)
    * More SSL work. This latest version has been stable for me for far longer than the previous versions.
    * Small fixes related to the new "sent items" upload

    ** 1.0b15.2
    * Outbox can now be set "Online" and "Offline" (for those of you who want to wait before sending mail)

    There are MAJOR changes in the way "Sent Items'" are handled. As usual with significant changes, bugs can be expected. If you're concerned about potential bugs, just say no to this version.

    1) The folder "Sent Items" is now called "Treo Sent"; it NEVER connects to any server and stores all messages sent from the Treo. These can be deleted at any time without any side effects. You may create additional folders for your sent items at your discretion (i.e. if you want to sync with the sent items on a server).

    2) Each SMTP Profile can specify (it's on the "Other page" below the "Deleted Items" specification) a folder to which outgoing mails are uploaded. This solves a number of problems, including a) the ability to use multiple "sent" folders and b) the duplicate sent items issue that some of you see.

    Comments, of course, are welcome. Some of you who have been paying close attention to the most recent changes can possibly guess where this is all leading...

    ** 1.0b15.1
    * Fixes the reset bug with typing option-period (emoticons)
    * Additional SSL work
    * Small fixes to new message deletion options in "Edit Mailbox"

    Chatter 1.0b15 has a number of small, internal changes that aren't particularly interesting. In addition, the "Reload Folder List" option (to update the folder list from the server) has moved from the "Other" screen to the "Define" screen.

    There is one new significant feature: The ability to specify what happens to deleted messages on the server (when sync'ing). Note that these options are not available for users of Microsoft Exchange Server (in which case, as in the past, deleted messages are moved to the "Deleted Items" folder).

    The options are:

    1) The default, which is to mark messages as deleted on the server. These messages usually appear with a strike-through or a big red X on PC clients.

    2) Moving the items to a specified folder on the server and then deleting/expunging them from the original folder. This option appears on the "Other" screen in "Edit Mailbox".

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    Marc -

    I had that same reset happen when I installed b15...just like when I installed the 14b.16 version. Hard to catch in a log b/c I don't touch the treo before it resets:

    Here's my steps:

    Quite CE (menu-Q)
    Soft Reset
    Install latest CE version
    Don't touch any buttons, just let it sit in the cradle
    Treo resets itself

    Now, after the initial install reset with 14.16 happened it didn't happen again. One recent non CE change is that I've installed LauncherX version 5...but ##err says it it CE that had an issue. When the reset finishes I get a white screen that eventually goes away when I push the h/w buttons
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    There is definitely a crash that happens not long after installing a new version. I've stared at this a number of times, and I'm not sure what's happening (although I suspect that SOMETHING isn't getting released properly). I'll keep looking.

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    (I never got this crash prior to v 14.16)
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    It doesn't happen all the time; very odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    It doesn't happen all the time; very odd.

    It did happen all the time with the last 3-4 betas here.
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    Hey Marc,

    Just installed b15, this programs' really coming along. The ability to delete items to my trash folder is well appreciated. Two things, one related to the feature, one separate.

    1. Every time I delete an e-mail, I receive this message:

    "The server has confirmed the expunge command on the INBOX folder"

    Is there any way to keep these messages from appearing?

    2. I know you started alphabetizing the folder list a few builds ago...I just hadn't reloaded my folders til now. With the way my server/account works, I now see a good dozen folders before my "mail" folder. My desktop client allows me to enter an "IMAP Folder" where I tell the program which folder contains all my e-mail folders, in my case, "mail".

    In effect, I suppose the setting works as a "cd mail" command, keeping me from seeing the directory tree a level down. Any chance you would add something similar to Chatter Email?

    Thanks for all your work!

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    The ability to upload deleted items is terrific. Chatter is so efficient updating the server that occasionally in list view while another message was in the queue for deletion or a move and I was deleting the message, the list refreshed before realizing I deleted the wrong message-now I'll have a backup on the server.

    Marc, have you considered scheduling a file browser enhancement before the official release of 1.0 on Dec 1? Even a rudimentary interface similar to Filez would get me by.
    Last edited by puyi; 11/05/2004 at 11:13 PM. Reason: incomplete upload from t 600
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    Marc, New ChatterEmail user here. It's an amazing program once I got the hang of it. I can't keep up with your updates. I just loaded the previous version before this one. I hardly get any crashes now. I Qsync every 30 mins to my fusemail account. Move emails in and out of folders and send emails with no issues. The D-pad integration is pretty good for one hand operation.

    Is there a way to save attachments directly to the SD card? Now if I can only find a native pdf viewer for that attachment I just saved. Still searching for one.
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    treobum - There are NO native PDF viewers, sadly enough. Saving attachments to SD card is coming pretty soon...

    puyi - You mean a file browser for picking files to attach?

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    You have this right; still looking for that file browser for attachment sending and saving as well while you're at it.

    Thanx again.
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    Just a quick question. I have fastmail set up to check my hotmail account every few hours. When I get suddenly get a bunch of emails at th same time - like 3 or 4 from hotmail, chatter only notifies me of only one of them. Why is that? They are all there, however. I guess that is what is important. Thanks

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    avidal - People complained that Chatter would buzz and beep twenty eight times for twenty eight messages, so I changed it so that it notified only once for every new batch of received email...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    avidal - People complained that Chatter would buzz and beep twenty eight times for twenty eight messages, so I changed it so that it notified only once for every new batch of received email...
    Marc, is that somehow related to the "turbo" mode? What does turbo mode do, anyway?
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    "Turbo" mode allows Chatter to load as many as 20+ emails at a time, rather than individually, thereby saving bandwidth and time. It works for the vast majority of servers out there, and is the default. There seem to be one or two people for whom it causes problems, and these people can turn it off with the "turbo" command in the Console.

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    Thanks Marc
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    Yes, thanks for the explanation!
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    I had something strange happen. I changed my settings to move deleted messages to my trash folder. Then I deleted a message to test it. It moved that message to the trash...but it expunged all my other messaged that were marked for deletion without moving them to the did it on two seperate WARNING if you are using a desktop client and keep your flagged for deletion messages in the original folder, save them BEFORE enabling this option. I even checked fastmail for the emails and they were gone. I lost about 30-40 emails.
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    cabo - Oops. Sorry about that.

    The move-message-on-deletion option automatically expunges after the move. So, you're right - there's a one-time issue (for some) with previously deleted messages getting expunged.

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    A quick odditty that I noticed. I just realized that I had set sleep hours for my inbox, but not for the two other mailboxes that I sync. So I went and enabled them. Now I am noticing that when I go to the "Edit Mailbox" function on the "Other" page, I see the sleep hours for Inbox, but not for the other two mailboxes. All three mailboxes have the "Sleep Hours" box checked, but the two mailboxes show a blank area underneath it where the sleep hours would go. If I uncheck it and re-check it, the sleep hours appear and they are set to the correct values that I entered. But if I close the window and then re-"Edit Mailbox" they are not displayed. I have only just noticed this now, so I have not checked to see how it is all working. Just how it is displaying.

    I don't know if this is a difference between how Inbox is treated versus other folders. Or if this is because I entered the sleep hours for Inbox on a previous version (quite a while ago) but only entered the other mailbox sleep hours now (b15.1).

    I did notice that the "Move deleted messages to ..." mailbox is now showing correctly. Thanks!

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