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    Wow, I love having a different sent items folder for each SMTP profile. It is working great for me.

    Can we have an auto-delete for the "Treo Sent" folder. I'd like to auto-delete everything after a day or two since I am already saving a copy on the server. (Normally Id' manage to just do this myself. But since you are making everything else so easy, I am just getting lazy.)

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    carrel - Maybe later. Still lots to do!

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    While I cannot guess where this is going, am I understand the separate SMTP folder preferences allow received and sent mails to reside in the same folder rather than filing Sent mail to individual folders after the fact?

    If so, I'm downloading this puppy NOW!


    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    ** 1.0b15.2
    * Outbox can now be set "Online" and "Offline" (for those of you who want to wait before sending mail)

    There are MAJOR changes in the way "Sent Items'" are handled. As usual with significant changes, bugs can be expected. If you're concerned about potential bugs, just say no to this version.

    1) The folder "Sent Items" is now called "Treo Sent"; it NEVER connects to any server and stores all messages sent from the Treo. These can be deleted at any time without any side effects. You may create additional folders for your sent items at your discretion (i.e. if you want to sync with the sent items on a server).

    2) Each SMTP Profile can specify (it's on the "Other page" below the "Deleted Items" specification) a folder to which outgoing mails are uploaded. This solves a number of problems, including a) the ability to use multiple "sent" folders and b) the duplicate sent items issue that some of you see.

    Comments, of course, are welcome. Some of you who have been paying close attention to the most recent changes can possibly guess where this is all leading...

    ** 1.0b15.1
    * Fixes the reset bug with typing option-period (emoticons)
    * Additional SSL work
    * Small fixes to new message deletion options in "Edit Mailbox"

    Chatter 1.0b15 has a number of small, internal changes that aren't particularly interesting. In addition, the "Reload Folder List" option (to update the folder list from the server) has moved from the "Other" screen to the "Define" screen.

    There is one new significant feature: The ability to specify what happens to deleted messages on the server (when sync'ing). Note that these options are not available for users of Microsoft Exchange Server (in which case, as in the past, deleted messages are moved to the "Deleted Items" folder).

    The options are:

    1) The default, which is to mark messages as deleted on the server. These messages usually appear with a strike-through or a big red X on PC clients.

    2) Moving the items to a specified folder on the server and then deleting/expunging them from the original folder. This option appears on the "Other" screen in "Edit Mailbox".

    Last edited by puyi; 11/09/2004 at 06:28 PM. Reason: clarification
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    No, it just means that each SMTP Profile can effectively specify its own "sent items" folder on a server, so there can be multiple "sent items" folders (for people who use more than one server and/or account).

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    If you want to continue to use multiple SMTP profiles for sending but keep 1 unified sent mail box that syncs with exchange, will this still be possible?
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    Yes, any number of profiles can use the same sent mailbox on the server; you'll just need to specify the folder for each profile.

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    Since loading 15.2, my primary account seems to be stuck in a "loading folders" loop.
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    Weird. Did you meanually reload it? I don't think there have been any IMAP changes for a number of versions. And can you send me a log?

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    Hi, Marc.

    In the late 14.x's or 15.x version CE (I think) started occasionally grabbing a connection and holding it active (green arrows) even when not QSyncing anything. I don't know when it started because I haven't been sure what code has been causing the trouble. Did something change that might affect this? (I still can't prove it's CE because I don't know of anyway to tell what code is using the net at any point in time.)

    I think I have it behaving better by selecting "Offline Disconnect," but I really like leaving the connection up but inactive (gray arrows) since it makes web stuff and CE updates much faster. In earlier versions I never had the connection go active when CE wasn't QSyncing.

    Other relevant notes:
    - I am on Sprint PCS
    - I have 3 folders defined, all offline (1 auto QSyncs every hour; 1 every 2 hours; 1 only manually)

    I don't have a log but will try to get one if you wish. This doesn't happen consistently, and it always seems to happen when I am in a hurry, so I just do a soft reset to shut things up.

    Thanks for any thoughts....
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    mike - I don't know of any changes that would explain this. If you make a log, and note when you're seeing the green arrows on and off, I can see if Chatter is actually doing anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    mike - I don't know of any changes that would explain this. If you make a log, and note when you're seeing the green arrows on and off, I can see if Chatter is actually doing anything.

    I will switch off "Offline Disconnect" and see what I can get for a log.

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    I jumped from 15.2 to 15.5 and now I can't start Chattermail. My Treo reboots when Chattermail tries to connect to my ssl imap server.
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    I'd reset, get the three files from the server again, and reload them.

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    Hey Marc, just out of curiosity, why is the reset needed? I've found that as long as I shutdown Chatter before upgrading it works just fine. Maybe others have different experiences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    I'd reset, get the three files from the server again, and reload them.

    That worked. Thanks!
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    I'm continually impressed with chatter. I have one suggestion about the To/cc/bcc field. In earlier versions, you could lookup an email address, the address would be inserted, and you would be taken right back to the main screen to compose your email. Recent versions of chatter now takes you to a popup window. I see the advantage of having the popup window--to better see and insert several email addresses. However, the current system requires an extra screen tap or a couple extra clicks of the nav button to get back to the main compose screen (yes, i am that lazy). I'd like to see you go back to the earlier way of not showing the popup window automatically. Instead, if you want to see the full popup window, then you could click on the icon to the right of the to/cc/bcc field.
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    ephman - More changes coming... ;-)

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    Interestingly, on 15.5, if I create a folder called "Sent" and sync it to my sent items on my exchange server, On the Chatter Drop Down list of folders, it appears as "Treo Sent" So I have 2 "Treo Sent" folders, 1) the new one that doesn't sync to anything and 2) the other.
    If I rename it to "Sent-AB" it appears correctly in the Chatter dropdown list. Appears the Name "Sent" is hardcoded to appear as "Treo Sent"
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    atbodamer - Yeah; I have to fix that...

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    Also, I have my Inbox "Other" prefrences set to Upload sent items to: "Sent items" folder on my exchange server. However, sent mail is not updating the sent item folder on the server. I also selected other folders to try it out.. but this feature is not uploading sent messages to any folder on the server I select
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