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    Treo 650 rollout to be slow
    Publisher: Larry Garfield, 05.11.04 11:38

    Despite the interest it generated at its recent launch, the palmOne Treo 650 will apparently have a similarly staggered rollout to its predecessor. The first carrier, as previously announced, is Sprint in the United States who claims they have an exclusive deal on it from their launch in mid to late November through the end of the year. AT≈T Wireless is also quietly advertising the new Treo, but has not commented on an availability date. European availability is not slated until February. Given the anticipated demand just in the US, that is not surprising. * Additionally, the Sprint version of the Treo 650 is expected to have an incomplete Bluetooth stack, lacking the dial-up profile that would allow it to be used as a wireless modem for a laptop over Bluetooth. Sprint claims that is due to lack of time to complete the necessary drivers and that such support will be included in a later service upgrade, although it did not say when. * On the plus side, palmOne President Ed Colligan has said that the company has secured several new parts suppliers, so the parts shortages that plagued the Treo 600 for a time should not recur.
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