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    The Treo 650 is now in the PC Connection PRINTED catalog (not online). When I called the number they said that they will have it for $599.00 (Sprint Only), and within the month of November. Not taking orders however.

    For waht it is worth.
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    This has been posted a couple of times already, but just to make sure that the proper word is handed out again, I'll restate what my corporate PC Connection sales rep told me about the 650.

    They can only sell cellphones to people that are opening a new account. They cannot sell the phone outright. They are simply acting as an agent for the carriers. Knowing this, there are many other places that will be better for anyone to buy from.

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    This might be related to the numerous comments regarding existing customers being told they cant buy a new 650 because they are reserved for new customers. I just got off the phone with a local PCS Store in Wilmington, DE. I mentioned that there were numerous editorials on release dates, etc...etc..and asked him straight up. "As an existing customer is there a problem with me purchasing the 650 because I have heard that they wont sell to existing customers". He told me that some people actually come in and think they can simply trade their 600 for a 650. Now THAT is hard to believe, but he said, yes, they can buy it absolutely, but they must PAY for it.

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