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    I wonder what he means when he mentions other plans in existence for customers using data beyond the limitation of the Vision plans. And to followup, what exactly are those limitations?
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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

    I wonder. Can they tell the difference if you are surfing from your Treo and if you are tethered to a laptop surfing?
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    from the link...

    "but these are plans that are in existence now and are designed to help customers who have needs other than for the standard unlimited approach"


    I promise that I won't use more than "standard unlimited".
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    Jeff Shafer started off well in this statement with:
    "However, to be perfectly clear and avoid any confusion among our customers and your readers, ...."
    Great - I'm going to get a clear statement on this issue yipee"

    "Customers who choose to use their devices in this manner may be required to select a different pricing plan."
    Hmm - "may" -- that doesn't sound very clear

    "I do not have the details on exactly how the alternative pricing works"
    umm, okay, so the only thing you are really clear on is that "you don't really know what your stance is"

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