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    I just got a T600 from Verizon. I'm playing around with WirelessSync and I'm wondering if it's something I really need or not.

    Here's my situation, I'm starting a new job next week so I don't know how their email system witll be setup. Once I get settled there I will probably want WirelessSync for company email but for now let's ignore that.

    So, all I have is a personal POP3 account. Do I need to have a WirelessSync monitor running on my home PC to check my POP3 email? This doesn't make sense to me. And it look like it wants to set all of the Outlook conduits to "Do Nothing" and to perform the HotSync of my Outlook info. itself. I don't like that, since I think it only syncs certain pieces of info (i.e. not all calendar items, only recent ones). I like to keep everything I have on my Treo.

    So, where I'm at right now is, I've installed the WirelessSync monitor on my PC and I can see it's syncing because the info is reflected on But I have yet to do a HotSync because it looks like there is a ton of stuff it wants to install onto the Treo and on top of that I'm afraid I'll lose lots of info on the Treo, and possibly old items in my Oulook.

    If this is just for POP3, can't I just use another 3rd party email client? I may want to do IM as well so I was looking into a client that did email and IM. Does using WirelessSync for POP3 give me any advantage, does it truly sync, like if I delete a message will it delete from my Outlook on my home PC? I don't think it does and if not I don't see the point. Besides, I don't want to have to rely on my PC always being on and online at home.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ok, I've been playing with it a bit and it seems like it does a pretty good sync. What I don't understand is why it needs a HotSync conduit. If I can not use that but still use the WirelessSync part of it, this might be cool.

    I'm afraid to do a HotSync and lose information.

    EDIT: Ok, part of the confusion was that I was running the WirelessSync software on my PC so it was syncing with my Oulook but I also had a POP3 server configured (the same one that Outlook was checking) so I was getting duplicate messages. I now only have WirelessSync running on the PC with Outlook and got rid of the POP3 server.

    So, the remaining question is what is the WirelessSync HotSync conduit for? Do I need it?
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    You don't need the conduit and according to VZW, they've pulled it in the latest version.

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