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    It looks to me that the differences between the Treo 600 and the Treo 650 are minor enough that the car kit for the 600 will work for the 650. But before I lay down $189 to $350 on a car kit, I wanted to be sure. Does anyone know?
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    Given that the base connector is different, and hence very few 600 accessories will work with the 650, I suspect it will depend on the kit. If it is simply a holder, then yes, it should work as the 650 is the same size as the 600. If it connects to the earphone socket, then yes, it should work as this socket is unchanged. If it connects to the base connector, then no, it won't work, as the connector is completely different.
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    Seidio's car kits for Treo 600 won't work for 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by fortin
    Seidio's car kits for Treo 600 won't work for 650
    But they're working on one that does.
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    I was going to get a 650, until I found out that the THB car kit will not support the 650. THB has not yet built a cradle- they say they will, but Palm has to commit to a new carkit prc file.
  6. #6 I smell a firmware upgrade in the future?
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    If the speed in which PalmOne came out with support for their (THB's) carkit for the Sprint (CDMA) Treo 600 is any indication of when they will have support for the 650, then I'm not holding my breath. Even once they released a firmware update for the 600 which PalmOne claimed to support the carkit, we still had to wait longer for a patch that actually made it work, and even then it is STILL not working perfect. THB's response to my last query on this, was that PalmOne is aware of the problem, and is working on a solution.

    See for details.

    I would love to see THB develop a Treo 650 craddle that supports charging and direct connect, which would also support bluetooth when the phone isn't in the dock. Now that would would be cool.

    To PalmOne: No THB carkit craddle/support is a deal breaker. I'll likely stick with my Treo 600 until it is a reality. Your promise of one will not suffice (fool me once ... ), so get to work.

    To THB: I suspect that you lost substantial profits over PalmOne's poor support of the Sprint/Treo 600 carkit. I know I planned to buy three, and only equiped one of my cars because of this. Stay on PalmOne, and you both will profit. I'm sure that there are many potential buyers that are willing to pay a premium, but only for a premium, quality solution.
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    I received this e-mail from Alan Jarvis at THB. This basically gives two options: one for the direct connect and one for bluetooth. He points out the obvious advantages of using the bluetooth. The main advantage is that the whole system can be hidden if desired.

    Yes we will have a car-kit for the Treo 650. You will only need the cradle for the Treo 650. It will work in the same base unit you have now. The Treo 650 cradles will be available at the end of January.

    We do have what’s called the “Blue Adapter”. This adapter sits in place of the cradle so you would not need a 650 cradle. However, keep in mind that by using the bluetooth feature in the car the Treo 650 battery will not charge and you will not get the external antenna capability as you would with the cradle the phone sits in.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Best Regards,
    Alan Jarvis
    National Service Manager

    384 SE Greenway Terrace
    Port St. Lucie, FL. 34983
    Office: 772-336-2944
    Fax: 772-873-0073
    Cell: 786-271-2501
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    The main advantage is that the whole system can be hidden if desired.
    Actually, IMHO, the main advantage of a Bluetooth car adapter is that you don't need to replace the adapter if/when you change the phone, as long as your new phone has bluetooth.

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