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    So I bought one of the Innopocket aluminum cases a while ago, and while it seemed to provide great protection it makes the Treo really hard to use. My three main gripes:
    * It really detracts from the keyboard, since my right hand has to deal with the open face of the case
    * While talking works quite well, it obscures the screen so I can't see who's calling.
    * It's really difficult to turn the sound on and off -- the case is positioned so that it partially obscures that toggle switch

    I noticed that Pacific Rim had a new case, which appears to solve the first two problems by cutting out the cover over the keyboard and providing a clear plastic screen over the case. Being a cheap *******, rather than buying the case I got out my Dremel rotary tool and proceeded to cut those bits out of my existing case. (As well as cutting out a notch around the sound toggle switch, which was incredibly helpful.) This actually worked rather well, but I'm still fairly dissatisfied. I think this case is just too thick and bulky.

    I don't need perfect protection -- what I really need is something that:
    * Is unobtrusive
    * Protects against drops
    * Provides some buffer between random objects and the screen/keyboard/camera
    * Looks good

    The most attractive thing I've seen for the first three requirements is the Silicone Skin Case -- it's basically a rubberized sheath around the entire device. The only problem is that it fails the last requirement horribly. God, that thing is hideous.

    What I'd really like is something like that, but with much less material, and in a slick color like black. I'm imagining something like o-ring material, providing a bezel around all the cutout areas (screen, keyboard, etc) and running like piping along all the edges of the device. It would be like a rubber webbing encasing the Treo, protecting it from 90% of all contact with the outside world while covering just 5% of its surface.

    Anyone know of such a thing? Anyone else interested in such a thing? I've actually scoped out some rubber molding services with the idea of making this, but as a one-off it's just infeasible.
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    Wow - sounds like some kind of kinky S&M bondage type device for holding your treo captive. I'll take four...

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    ROTFLMAO. from the main forum page this thread reads "What I need is a rubber..."
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    Always practice safe Treo...

    ...count another as interested.
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    I am glad I am not the only one who was thinking of a S & M comeback when reading, "What I need is a rubber harness".

    Do not forget the bite block and rubber chaps.
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    We have a new version of the silicon case in production that may meet some of your needs. Should be available within 2 weeks.
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