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    You know the threads that are discussing wi-fi. Why read them? Why feel obligated to contribute to them? Just surf on by, knowing it is a bunch of wi-fi loving geeks trying to get P1 to listen to our needs and hopefully find a fix for us.
    I hear what you are saying...two points:

    1) I read them in the hopes that NEW information is being posted. Which I would certainly be interested in. Unfortunatley, instead of keeping the complaining in ONE thread (as they have been asked to to repeatedly by many),they keep making more threads...all about the same thing.

    2) If you want to get a company's attention, kicking up a storm in some forum is not going to do it. The forum is an easy way to complain....but it certainly is not an effective way. My point was, if you are angered by it, write to Palm, phone them and send them e-mails. Get Treo Central to start a petition to forward to Palm. Creating more and more threads is just polluting the forums and it's really not going to accomplish much.
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    I can see why multiple threads are created about the same topic...

    Everytime one is open it seems like a flock of people hop into it and tell the OP that her or she is wrong. It then goes off topic, everyone stops reading it, and it falls to the bottom of the pile without anything useful coming out of it.

    Its not the correct thing to do, but I not sure if some people think they have any better alternative.

    It kinda reminds me of the ATI vs. nVidia fanboys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirkeric
    rbright: Good comments but I doubt a different administration would offer better protection from where we are NOW. I didn't realize a simple cell phone discussion would lead to such political talk which was initiated by the gentleman calling half of americans idiots. I serve under whoever is the current commander in chief. That's what I do.
    Best of luck to you. I hope you are serving at home, and not in Iraq like my brothers are today. Just bring them home SOON is all I ask.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    Everyone talking about wifi would be happy. I see where you are going with this, but it's short-sighted. If wifi were available, people might still not be happy about it's implementation of it (i.e. some would complain that it's not built-in, that it doesn't switch from GPRS). But people who are complaining about the lack of wifi wouldn't have a complaint to make about there being a lack of wifi. Eventually (maybe in 3 or 4 more generations) Palm would get it working super well.

    The point is that people understand that a feature might not be perfect the first go around. For example the camera on the Treo 600. But in general they understand that they are getting something more than before and it will likely be improved upon down the line. With the Treo not even starting to have wifi in any form, they aren't progressing towards a very, very mature like they have say their contacts application that has been around for a very long time. So yeah people would complain, but at least they "hafta admit it's getting better, getting better all the time."
    Good point. But, you see, the treo 650 is the best phone around today, even without wifi. It has dramatically improved over the 600 in just 1 year. It has all the great features of a great pda, except for wifi. The remarkable part is, all the features did not take away from its small form factor. People will always, always find something to complain about. People are never happy. At least they gave the treo bluetooth. I do not see much threads "thanking" palmone for bluetooth. Just complaining and threatning.
    Scenerio ----
    What if adding wifi interfered with sprints data usage network, and it caused a data transfer slowdown. The point is, not much people know how to create a pda/phone hybrid with that form factor, on sprints network. There could be numerous complications. People should be thankful of what they are getting and stop complaining, and demanding.
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    I think its time to give WiFi a rest. Can we let this post die.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    I think its time to give WiFi a rest. Can we let this post die.?
    If it was BT we were complaining about you wouldn't say that.

    Actually, I have absolutely NO use for BT in my phone. I don't walk around with an ugly piece of plastic sticking out of my head, yelling into space at someone, annoying everyone around me. I prefer to keep my conversations more private, and to surf the web, via wi-fi, in peace.
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