Need a recommendation for how best to set up my Address Book.

One of the main reasons I recently purchased a Treo 600 was to consolidate my master list of contacts into a single, standardized database. Currently, I have two lists. The first consists of over 450 telephone numbers of friends, business associates, and companies I have compiled over the past 10 years into a Casio personal organizer. This device is little more than a simple memo pad where each record represents one address book entry, and all the information (name, address, telephone number, email address, hours of operation, etc.) is one long text string. The organizer is standalone and the information cannot be ported to another device, so I will have to manually transcribe these entries into some other software system or spreadsheet. This device, although archaic by today’s technology has served me well. I even devised a simple method for labelling entries (travel, legal, automotive, etc.) that allowed me to sort and pull up entries by category.

The second list is much shorter, consists of friends and business associates whom I mainly communicate with via email, and have compiled into the address book of my email client, Mozilla Mail 1.7, which conforms to the LDAP standard for contact records.

My ISP is Yahoo!, and it has an import function which allows me to upload my Mozilla Mail address book into the Yahoo! address book. Yahoo also has a Palm Synch function, which I have not experimented with, but suggests it is completely compatible with Palm Pilot.

Tonight, I downloaded my Yahoo! address book and imported it into the Palm Desktop software. It did not come across cleanly. There were mismatches in the sequence of fields (name, company name, email address, etc.), between my Yahoo address book and Palm.

I have several years experience designing and implementing databases, so I know how to standardize a record layout, and create queries that pull selected fields from a table so it matches the record layout of a file I want to import into another application. My goal is to have Mozilla Mail match Yahoo and Treo, so that regardless of which application I add a new entry into, I can import it into the other two. LDAP seems to be the standard to go with, but it appears Palm Pilot does not accept that standard.

What do you suggest? Is Palm LDAP compliant, or must I look at a third party application, or develop a process of my own? Really appreciate any light you can shed on this problem.