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    When will you get the t650? B/c I will go to the show on NOV 16 in NYC and would like to know how log it will take for me to get it.
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    PalmOne would not commit to a date. The moderator made it clear that "this is not a store" but an eval program (they have limited quanities and it will be on a first come, first serve basis). He stated if someone wanted to be first on the block with a brand new Treo 650, than get one in a sprint store (arriving shortly). With that said, he expected the first shipment in the next few weeks.
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    You are right, they did emphasis that in the morning show. But I wonder. When you go online at viennachannels to order you can order a demo, or you can buy a unit. Is the "limited" number of units applicable to the demo orders? Or all orders, even the outright purchases?
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    Do you think there is any possibility that they will have it at the show for sale? b/c by Nov 16 the sprint store may have had it for 2 days.

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