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    I've been looking to buy an aluminum hard case for my treo. I've seen quite a few, but I'm wondering what to get. I like the ones that open like a book. However, it seems that would hinder typing? Does anyone have a case that they really like?
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    I have the Treo Central hard case, use it constantly. Only issue I'm running into is the hinge is starting to get wobbly after 6 months of intense usage.
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    I have (and like) the Pacific Rim hard case. The keyboard is open, the screen is protected and the unit sits firmly inside the unit.
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    I, too, have the pac rim open hard case, and have mixed feelings. It did take a hard hit to the pavement, and while the case got dinged, the treo was safe and sound (which is, after all, the whole point!) The belt clip is HORRIBLE! It would be much better if the spring actually held the clip closed... I have since switched to Rivets System, and have been pleased. I'm still getting used to not needing to touch the screen as much, but it hasn't been a problem. My other "major" complaint is that yes, the hinge is pathetic- mine's coming undone less that 2 weeks after purchase. I plan some workshop modding one of these weekends. I also have a silicone sleeve, with which I'd hoped to combine the hard case, but the fit is too tight. Overall though, I think this is a good case that just needs some fine tuning. It does what it's supposed to, which is protect your investment. This is probably one of my pipe dreams, but I'd love to make a wood version of this case... who knows, someday I may get around to it!
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    hi tuctboh, will the treo still fit into the cradle with the aluminum hard case on it?
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    That open hard case looks sweet, but looks like it's designed for a leftie
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    Quote Originally Posted by brianz
    hi tuctboh, will the treo still fit into the cradle with the aluminum hard case on it?
    Dunno, I don't have a cradle, sorry.

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