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    Never Mind! The problem has been solved. I say "has been solved" because just as suddenly, my Treo 600 is connecting to the internet. I didn't do anything exceptional -- I just turned wireless off and then on again. (Something I'd tried several times today.) Oh well, it works and that's all that matters...


    All of a sudden I can't connect to AT&T's GPRS network with my Treo 600.

    The Service Connection Process shows "signing on," but then I get an error message that says, "GPRS connection not available. Check your settings in Network Preferences and/or try again later 0x7143"

    This has been going on all day.

    My wife is able to connect to AT&T's GPRS with her little Nokia phone.

    I've done a soft reset on my Treo 600 numerous times, but still no luck connecting. I haven't changed the GPRS or network settings.

    Anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem?

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