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    I'm a treo 300 user thinking of upgrading to a 650. Did a Google search and stumbled into the treocentral site. After reading the forum discussions I have to be humbled on how underutilized I have been with my 300. I'm mostly just using it for a phone, basic calendar, contacts, not much else. Gave up on internet access the first week after decicding that it was just toooo slow. But I never realized how many things you could do with one of these (I realize the 300 probably can't do as much as 600/650 but still . . .) So I think I need "Treo for Dummies" or I'm going to have to pick up as much as I can from the forum groups on all the different applications and programs, how to manage files on the expansion cards, etc. Are there any resources or tutorials out there for us non techies or technically challeneged folks on all this and can any one point me in the right direction? Also does anyone have any experience with BT headsets (jabra, motorola, etc ) and how they liked them? I saw a new motorola BT headset that looks like it will be released soon with a AAA battery in - supposed to go for 20 something hours of talk time. Any one have any info or experience with that. Love the forum groups here, lots of info. Thanks for any feedback.

    Can't wait to get a 650.

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    Welcome Tom!!! I have seen the headset you are talking about. They have them now at best buy. It is a little bigger than the standard jabra BT headsets but it is not huge. I think it gets 15hrs of talk time on one AAA batery.
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    Hi Fittske, yeah that's the one. Wonder how it is or if there is one BT headset that is supposed to be the best overall or if there is a site that rates them? I tried to get a Jabra BT working on my old Treo 300 but it was a total waste of money. I later found out that even with the BT adaptar it would just cut off calls, not pick up calls, it was horrible. I'm sure with the 650 supporting BT that it would be different but I think I'll go with a different brand this time. Maybe Motorola. Thanks for letting me know about the best buy lead.

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