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    I saw this question asked in a previous post, but it didn't look like the person asking ever got an answer. When using my Treo to compose and send an email using Verizon and Wireless Sync, do I have to manually sync to get the email sent, or should wireless sync pick it up and send the email out on its own? If the latter, is there a way to set the time in which it takes wireless sync to send out the email?

    I have found (in 3 days of use) that new emails to my desktop routinely hit my Treo within a minute or so. But outgoing emails from my Treo seem not to go out, until I manually sync.

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    I do not know the answer to your question for sure...but my experience has been that my outgoing email only gets sent if i initiate the sync myself or when it sync's because of a new incoming email. I have not found a way around this...just wanted you to know you weren't alone out there.
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    mine would typically get synced a minute after I sent it out and left the phone alone. it didn't require a manual sync, but i did let the phone sleep and do its thing....

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