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    Hi all, I already searched and did find anything quite on point...

    Here goes - I was using Outlook, pulling from a pop server to the exchange server in the office. I was having the pop server forward a copy of the email to my Sprint email account. If I'm out of the office, I have a text message show new emails (pretty close to push mail). Not the cleanest way to do it, but it all works.

    I use a laptop, so business connection doesn't seem to work for me (worked great when I had a desktop and stayed logged in...).

    Now, I'm using a different email account that comes from an exchange server in our other office (we do have OWA). I have no clue how to get those messages forwarded to my Treo.

    They're going to make me switch to a Blackberry if I can't get it figured out (anything but that!!!)

    Pardon my cluelessness, and thanks in advance.

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    I assume, that the new server does not have pop3 access, does not allow you to forward or is behind a firewall? If so, does business connection allow you to delegate to another connected PC in the office?

    Will I.T. entertain any other wireless offerings besides the BES, like Goodlink? If not, take a look at Consilient's hosted offering. Also try Mailwave to see if it can gain access.

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    Thanks Palmlover - I'll forward that to our tech guy and see what he thinks
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    This is an easy one...

    1. Get Snapper Mail
    2. Have you Mail Admin person forward a copy of all your emails to your Sprint Email Account. I assume it's a POP3 also..
    3. Set up Snapper mail to check for mail every 5 minutes or whatever schedule you like..

    I have been running this way for months now and it fine..

    Also you can set Snapper up to send a copy of any SENT messages from the Treo to your main mail account. This way you have a copy at your server too.
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    You can have BizConn running on any computer that has access to your exchange server. A computer in the IT room is ideal (if they'll allow it) because they're on all the time and most likely they're on a UPS. Alternatively you can ask one of your colleagues to run it for you, assuming they don't mind leaving their PC on 24/7.

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