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    I hear a lot from people that complain about thr T5. I hear that loading apps from the SD card is very very slow. I have 3 buddies that have the T5. we all have isilo and use the same data or file type. The size is 144mb. I have a 1gb card as well as them. But to open the same app takes me 3seconds to close it takes less than 1. For them it takes 10 to open and almost the same to close it. Many people have thought that it maybe the effect of the new memory system. Any thoughts? Anyone think this is T5 related or that it will be a problem with the T650
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    tell them to try smaller size cards (im serious)

    technically, the smaller the card, the smaller the area of search...the higher you go...the more time and power it takes to load things
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    yes. but the T5 has a 400Mhz proccessor.I have a 144. That really doesn't explain anything. Also that has been tried with the same ending results.
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    Is it possible you have a faster card than they do?
    Maybe have them try it using your card and see if the speed improves. If not I'd have to say there's something weird going on for sure.
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    same card too. I think it has to do with the new memory system. I had a T3 Never had a problem. I am hearing this from quite a few of my fellow workers.

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