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    I'm on my 4th unit since Feb. 2004. The 1st 3 were new units. The current one is a refurbished unit. Carrier is Sprint

    #1 - screen developed a white spot
    #2 - no service issue
    #3 - orange spots on screen

    I'd like an upgrade (cheap or no cost) to a 650 but then how do I know it will have a better quality than the 600?
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    Considering the number of replacements received (9), I'm glad I have AT&T because I just call PalmOne direct and get the next Treo via DHL in less than a week. Love the Treo 600, hate the quality issues (echo, screen spots, backlight flickering).
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    Okay, I got my 6th replacement today, which wasn't even referbished. It was just plain used. I called Exec Services with Sprint and the lady agreed to send me a brand new in the box Treo 600. So hopefully this will be the end of all this annoyance.
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    I've had 2 replaced and now I've been waiting over 1 month for my 3rd. This time it's the earpiece issue. The first 2 I just walked into Best Buy and they replaced them on the spot. No questions no problem. Now Best Buy does not handle the replacements and they gave me their 800# to call. The first replacement I received from them was for AT&T service and mine is Sprint. Nice! I've called back and they said they would send me the Sprint version in a few days. It's been 1 month and I'm not pressing the issue, but I'm hoping they will either refund me money or send me the T650. I was even thinking about switching over to the dark side (Pocket PC)..... but that thought didn't last long.

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    I have had 12 or 13 now ALL replaced under warranty. My current one has problems AAGAIN: lines in screen in camera app. when soemone calls my phone will freeze & I will not be able to answer call-it rings forever until soft reset, when battery gets below %50 I cannot make outgoing calls (it freezes again). and I can't remeber what else. These phones suck ***!!
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