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    When using Active Sync on the Treo 650 to synchronize your e-mail/calendar, all calendar entries that are synchronized are off by one day. On the Treo 650 calendar the entries will appear one day earlier than those same entries in Outlook.

    Not good...
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    How do you know this?
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    I just tried it.
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    i think the lingering question that he was trying to ask was how did you try it if the phone is not out yet, meaning- how did you get one...
    unless you're using the simluator...
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    Ahh... good question - using the simulator.
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    Make sure that both treo treo and outlook are set to have the same "start of week" day. One of them proably is set for monday while the other is sunday.

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    I can't even get them to work... I keep getting this error:
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    Jaggery, this is an HTTP500 server-side error. I had similar errors on our Exchange server trying to get PocketPCs to sync directly with the server. Unfortunately this is not only hard to diagnose and solve, but it's something that only your exchange admin can fix. some help might be found here, but, in my case, it didn't help:

    Mark my words: once the Treo 650 is released we will be inundated with hundreds of threads over the subsequent year started by users struggling to get activesync to work. PocketPC and SmartPhone edition users have been struggling with this for several years now, and the worst thing is that neither ActiveSync nor Exchange Server give useful error messages. Troubleshooting ActiveSync is just shy of black magic.

    Admins: Maybe set up a pre-emptive sticky thread with an FAQ related to solving activesync problems. I'll try to compile all my notes from dealing with PocketPCs and these problems as a start over the weekend.

    I'm just glad there's a great community like TreoCentral that'll end up being a resource to all those users.
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    Regarding the dates being one day off, even with the start of the week, and even start of the day set identically on both Outlook and Palm, ActiveSync still synchronizes the events incorrectly by one day. Unbelievable...
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    Not really unbelievable. I got a PPC device with a hefty employee discount and after fighting activesync for a month (mostly it wanted me to set up a new partnership every single time!) I sold it on ebay and went back to Palm
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    I hope an obvious ActiveSync bug like this gets fixed quickly. I can't even think of an automated work-around until then.
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    wow, obviously I missed something..... I wasn't aware that the 650 uses Activesync.
    First, why would MS want to license it, and second, why in the world would P1 want it??

    Although it isn't fancy, Hotsync is accurate and reliable. I may re-think my desire to get a 650 now.
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    ActiveSync will not replace HotSync. P1 licensed it so the Treo could sync directly, over-the-air to corporate Exchange servers. This feature will undoubtedly sell many Treo 650s.
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    ActiveSync works fantastic... and extreamly reliable if you set it up right. Its poorly documented.

    This is one of the reasons why GoodLink does so well. Once setup, there is really nothing more todo.
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    Can somebody explain to me what the underlying protocol is for ActiveSync to work over the network. We currently have a port open for POP access to our Outlook email database, will this work for ActiveSync as well? Is there a specific port to open through the firewall? Is the ActiveSync connection over the network secure?

    If I had a VPN connection working I assume I would be all set, but my company uses an IPSec VPN and I have not been able to get in through my Treo.
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    I didn't realise the 650 supported ActiveSync - that's very exciting to me. Although having read the blurb on the P1 site, it says it's 'only' for email and calendar. Does this mean that contacts are not sync'd? That sucks! Keeping people's contact info sync'd between desktop and handheld are especially important when the handheld is a communications device. Can anyone shed light?
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    Correct... it syncs only e-mail and calendar items at this time, although calendar items are synched by one day off.
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    Then I'll stick with Snapper Mail and full IMAP support!
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    guinnessdraught - to sync the treo 650 to Exchange over-the-air the Exchange Server will have to have either OWA (Outlook Web Access) enabled or MIS (Mobile Information Server) installed - I'm not certain which since I don't have the simulator installed. For access details, please contact your sysadmin.
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