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    I know my server has OWA installed.... still get that error I outlined above.
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    If you use OWA on the Treo wouldn't you get a better experience than VersaMail with ActiveSync? I mean wouldn't you have access to all your tasks, contacts, notes, journal entries, still no public folders in addition to your email and calendar?
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    OWA on the Treo using Blazer is not adequate. Blazer does not support the JavaScript functionality of OWA, nor is the screen formatted properly. In addition, using this approach will not inform you of when new messages arrive. You would have to manually go to OWA to periodically check for new mail. Another option is using OMA (Outlook Mobile Access), but this is basically a WAP alternative to checking your e-mail via a web page. You are severely limited in functionality. For instance, you can check mail and browse your calendar in day by day view, or even browse your contacts. However, when you try to compose new messages you are limited to a certain number of characters (probably 160). Also, OMA does not give you the ability to view HTML formatted e-mail, nor does it notify you of new messages.
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    Our company settled on the OWA for PDA product and we are quite happy with it. Reasonably priced and seems to cover all the bases (including Notes). It works fine with the Blazer on the Treo 600 (it also works fine with Palm Web Pro 3.0a). Easy install to the Exchange Server and lots of setup options.
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    ActiveSync offers an "up-to-date notification" option on Windows Mobile 2003. If it's setup in an Exchange environment with an ActiveSync server open to the outside world, you should be able to get "push" e-mails using this technology.

    With the 650, ActiveSync is built in, but as far as I know, the "up-to-date" notification does not work with the 650 to this point. If Palm gets their act together and successfully implements to ability to enable the "up-to-date notification" feature, they would sell a lot of phones to the employees at my company. Also, ActiveSync is most likely not going to be available on the Treo 600 as a software installation because the 650 uses a hardware-based Activesync solution, at least according to the Mobile Team at Microsoft in a webcase I attending this past Monday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farzonalmaneih
    ActiveSync works fantastic... and extreamly reliable if you set it up right. Its poorly documented.

    This is one of the reasons why GoodLink does so well. Once setup, there is really nothing more todo.
    Can you please advise on how you got ActiveSync working?
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    I have been trying for days to get ActiveSync working on my phone. I've made progress (seemingly), but still can't sync. At this point, I get the following error on my Treo:
    There was a problem syncing messages. (0006)HTTP/1.1 500 Inernal Server Error
    Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 18:13:16 GMT Server:Microsoft-IIS/6.0

    Can anyone help me resolve this?
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    I've posted more information in a thread in the appropriate forum.
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    I resolved my HTTP 500 error. Seems you must use BOTH port 443 and port 80. To increae security, we had moved http/port 80 to another port years ago, but it looks like we have to open it up, unless someone else has another idea.
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