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    Has anyone here been able to get a response from the developers of MMPlayer?

    I've requested a refund from the developers of MMPlayer before generating a registration key but I've not heard back from the developers in a week now.

    The reason for my request is as follows:

    Their registration scheme is device dependent. I've replaced my Palm devices about 15 times in the last 7 years. 8 of those times have been in the last 3 years since I've used Smartphones: Kyocera 7135 and Treo 600 which often stop working properly over time.

    Due to the pain of getting new registration codes each time a device is replaced, I've decided to not purchase any products with this registration scheme. I have about 100 registered products on my Palm (and another 50 or so that I don't use) and it is ridiculous for a customer like me to contact every developer when I upgrade my Palm device. Moreover, when companies change hands or dissolve, the customer is stuck with using the same device with the product or purchasing another product.

    I learned that this scheme was implemented AFTER purchasing because NO information on this was provided with the demo.

    I'm not trying to get them to change their registration scheme. I only want a refund -- before even getting a registration key. The developers have not responded and based on the comments on their forum, it appears that the lack of response is not uncommon.

    Has anyone had success with this company? If so, do you know what user ID should be used to get a response?
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    I've had two replacement Treos since my original, restored from backup on my SD card and had no problems, no reg key changes required.
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    That is good news, Scotty. I looked on their forum and lots of people are requesting new registration codes for their new and replacement devices. I'd be OK with having to get a new code for a new type of Palm but not when I need to replace my Treo 600 with another one.

    Anyone else have the same experience reported by Scotty?
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    I've had no problems with their support. like you i have multiple palm devices. recently picked up a T3 just to watch movies on (the T600 resolution and screen size just doesn't cut it). i emailed them to inform them of my new device and got a new key within 24 hours. it's really not a big deal.
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