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    Hi everyone,

    Haven't posted in ages but thanks to everyone that has kept this site going since my first days with a treo 180g.

    I was looking on a UK website at a bluemate bluetooth dongle to let users use a bluetooth headset much like the jabra bt200 or hopefully the bluetrek g2 for treo, listed here:

    Feeling skeptical, I phoned them up and asked if it would provide full functionality for the Treo 600 including one touch answer on the headset itself and they told me that they wouldn't sell it if it didn't provide full functionality.

    Has any one tried this dongle? It'd be really interesting if this could let you use any bluetooth headset or just a bt200 with press to answer.
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    The G2 Kit that we sell in the store comes with a dongle that allows for one touch answer/hangup from the headset, so it is possible that the bluemate allows it as well.
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    Could anyone confirm this? My belief was that the bluetrek g2 bluetooth dongle was designed specifically for the treo 600?


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