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    Help me decide...

    My ancient Treo 180g is in its final breaths. I waited to get closer to the 650 release date, but can't any more and will buy a 600 within the next day or so. My plan is that with a 30-day return policy, if the 650 comes out this coming month, I can always exchange for the 650. If not, I'm not waiting till Dec. or Jan. to get a new phone anyway, and I'll stomach not getting a 650 for now.

    My service is with TMobile because I want GSM. Contract is up, and I want to stay with them.

    Now, I have two choices:

    -TMo store near me is selling the 600 (locked) for $399. No extras.

    -PalmOne Website is selling the UNLOCKED 600 for $479, which comes with docking cradle and car charger as extras. I would really love having the cradle. I can put my Tmo SIM card into this 600, I assume and I'm set.

    Anyone see a major diff between the TMo and unlocked version from P1? Is an $80 savings worth getting a locked phone? Would there be a difference in the way it's serviced between Tmo and P1 if problems arise?

    Both have promised 30-day return policy.
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    p.s. Has anyone switched providers with a GSM Treo?
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    The whole transaction process would be a pain to go through to get a treo 600, set up...learn it, then suddenly return it for 650. If you can hold off at all, I would. Or just get some piece of crap phone for a couple weeks.
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    With SIMs, couldn't you just buy an cheap, used, Tmobile GSM phone on ebay?

    I haven't owned a GSM phone, but shouldn't it be that easy?

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