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    I was just waiting for a customer to pick up, and was listening to their "on hold" music. I was wondering if someone a lot smarter than I am could create a program that automatically launched an mp3 or a looping song list stored on my treo using lightwav or pocket tunes when I pressed the hold button on my Treo. I wouldn't want to hear it mind you, but it might be nice for the caller waiting for my return to listen to something other than silence. It could be cool. It could be professional. Is this possible?

    Sorry, I just found another thread discussing this. If anything new has developed in this area, please feel free to let me know here.
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    I don't remember if anyone posted this already, but a workaround is that you can lpay songs in pockettunes while you're on a phonecall. So, if you want hold music, tell someone to wait a second while you take care opf something, launch pockettunes (hopefully you've got a hotkey shortcut for it) and play it. Now, having it play while someone is on hold while you're taking another call might be entirely different and I'm not sure if it would even be possible.

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