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    These are all things as I see as deficiencies in the functionality that the Treo 600 has out of the box. Most of these things are common features that (I believe) a majority of users would use.

    Thanksfully, developers have filled in the gaps quite well, but these are all things I believe should be built into the Treo.

    Phone Technician - mp3 ringtones. For a built-in app, the simple ability to play .mp3 ringtones would be sufficient, even though other apps let you set different tones for different people/groups.

    Card Export (or the ability for the Treo/SD card to act as a USB drive).

    SoundRec. - simple voice recorder.

    Some sort of Today screen.

    Butler - better notification of alarms, SMS, etc. and launcher functionality.

    And specific to the Verizon model:

    Battery Dr. - to gain control over the data connection, especially for those without a data plan.

    SnapperMail, or another suitable email app.
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    The mail program being not included was Verizon doing not Palmone. GSM unit do come with a mail app. You have to remember that the carriers control what you get when you purchase their specific unit. Un fortunatily CDMA you guys do not have much of a choice.
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    Right. I'm not deriding PalmOne for the fact that my Treo didn't have built in email capabilities, only detailing the deficiencies in the unit that I purchased, as it was out of the box. For whatever reason.

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