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    For those folks this is applicable to (e.g. CDMA lovers):

    Are you strongly considering moving to Sprint from Verizon once the 650 is available? Have you already made up your mind and now it's only a matter of time?

    I'm going to run a little highly non-scientific, real world test. I will purchase the Sprint Treo 650 as soon as it becomes available to me and will carry it and my VZ Treo 600 with me to designated points in the NYC Metro area and parts of Nassau county to check coverage. I'll note data and voice coverage, perhaps run some benchmarks and get a "real world" snippet of the performance of these phones.

    Any suggestions? Comments?

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    I will most likely be making the switch. I've been asking people in the DC area about Sprint coverage and it seems like I'll be okay. That's the only reluctance I have in changing since VZW works pretty much anywhere, however, it seems like Sprint will get the job done. The phone is no good to me if I can't make a call, other bells and whistles aside.
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    Sounds like a great idea. I live in the NY metro area as well and will try to do a Sprint 650 to my Verizonized 600. It won't be as accurate as the Verizon 600 but just curious. If we can find that Sprint service is better then our Verizon in the NYC (where I use it mostly), I might switch too. PM me if you want to swap ideas.
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    Yep...I'm going to do it too.

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