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    When I left the Nokia 9210 Communicator I missed the packaged Office and IMAP email. It has expandable memory. The Treo 270 lacked that. For the price of the Treo 270 then and you missed those- it was my gripe. GPRS support saved the day. But change of job role redefined my needs. Then, I moved on to Treo 600.

    After 2 years, Treo 650 has what a Nokia communicator offers -the things I missed since I left that Symbian phone -on a form factor I like. There are the Office software, ActiveSync/Exchange, Web browsing, GPRS, and high-res screen. The others are just extras for me- bluetooth, VGA camera, better keyboard, expandable memory, MP3 player, video recording, and games.

    Most of my colleagues are just discovering smartphones. They are happy with phones that offer what I consider "extra". Why? They are two device folks. They are happy to use an iPAQ with a blue tooth phone.

    For my needs, the Treo 650 is still the best all-in-one device. Killer form factor, better keyboard, and now with everything else I need at the price I am willing to pay for.
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