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    Please help. I use sprint and t600. can get downloads to work with PDANet, but can not figure how to do uploads. I would appreciate someone telling me how to do it.

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    I see that you posted this question before in these forums, but I guess the suggestions didn't work.

    Have you tried contacting JuneFabrics?
    Treo knowledge base (FAQs)

    Treo Hater's Club

    Treo 600 (GSM)--> MDA Vario (HTC Wizard)
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    You are correct, the previous answers still did not help me get it done. I reviewed them all yesterday and spent 2 hours trying to make it work and it did not work. It included a reply from JuneFabrics, also.

    I think it is likely simple to do, I just can't find the sequence of things to do.

    Thanks for you interest.
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    Fortunately a friend at work had T600 and PDAnet and was having the same problem I was having. He wanted to work on it this weekend so I sent him responses from this tread and an earlier one in which I asked the same question. The content of the earlier thread was not enough for me to solve the problem, but it was enough for my friend to solve it. Here is the solution. I have sent it to June Fabrics, also. I hope it is helpful to others. It is good that we can help each other make this wonder machine even more helpful.

    I finally got it through one of the clues you sent me from Treo.

    In Outlook, click on Tools
    E mail accounts
    View or change an existing account
    Change (the target account which I think is your MindSpring account).
    *** this is key *** the Outgoing server is (Your
    Treo account is with Sprint I am assuming)
    Click the box for More Settings
    Now check the box "My outgoing server requires authentication"

    Now you must enter your Sprint username and password (this information
    is in your Treo, I hope you remember your password since it probably is
    masked). This is so because Sprint is going to send the message and it
    wants to know who you are. I guess you could check the box use the same
    username and password as that in Incoming mail, but only if your
    usernames and passwords for MindSpring (Your email provider, the
    Incoming)and Sprint are identical.
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    It has been long in coming, but finally I am able to upload email using pdanet.

    Here is what you need to do:

    In outlook

    tools, accounts, click on pop.mindspring accout

    click properties

    As outgoing server type in

    check my server requries authorization
    click setting
    change button to long on using
    enter your mindspring e mail address a la or

    enter your mindspring pass work

    ok, apply, ok and out.

    You will have to reverse to use your DSL to the original settings.

    I have done it twice and it works.

    I assume I could set up an email account in outlook and just use default setting to change when using PDAnet. Perhaps itwould save a few key strokes. I will not push my luck today. It is working so I will use it.

    Thanks for the help.

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