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    Im wondering if there is any really simple software for GPS use.

    I know there are mapping programes and tools that show you a map and give you directions etc.....many of these seem to be bloatware for PalmOS - especially if you are visiting a city off the beaten track and dont have access to maps etc.

    Im wondering if there is any software that just tellsl you where you are (Long & Lat) and direction and distance to a previously saved waypoint?

    Integration with Address book to save waypoints would be nice too.

    You can usually find your way by car to somewhere near where you are going...its just the last few miles where you get lost.

    Thanks for your comments.

    (Oh...and which GPS hardware for Treo 600 you are using too would be good)
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    Also Im often in cities that I dont have maps for (Asia etc) and just want to be able to find my way back to a location I have already been such as my Hotel!
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