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    Sorry if this has been posted on the T600 thread. I was in the Sprint store today replacing yet another defective T600. While I was browsing the newer generation of pretty cool multimedia phones, I noticed that on many of the newer models you can watch live cable television. Pretty cool.

    As of right now, does not look like T650 will support this, although I dont know why, but I am guessing soon. The screen on the T650 is much larger than these multimedia handhelds.

    That's all my wife needs, the ability for me to watch football anywhere.
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    There are a few threads on this. I'm not trying to flame, but I think you can learn a lot more on the exact status of Mobi TV with regard to the Treo line if you search a little more. I'd direct you to the links, but I'm not quite that bored. Personally, I'm waiting for wifi so that I can stream any channel out to the pool for free. It won't help me outside of that range, but that alone would be cool enough, just to say it can be done.
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    There's a program called SkyWireVideo that claims to do this for the Treo 600. It was just announced a couple of days ago. I have the client installed (and even a revised version the developer sent me) but it does not yet work. I've had a note from a guy with a Tungsten 5 who says it works fine on his Tungsten.
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    Do these services cost additional money?
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    Very cool. I'd want it to work via a TV card that's in my desktop computer. I couldn't quite gauge if it does this. In any event, I know that what I want could be written, I'm just not sure the speed is there without wifi for decent video (I'd be hoping for at least 30 fps because it's a screen with relatively few pixels).
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    MobiTV is something like $10 a month. For what I want to do (streaming wifi video) it should just be the price of the application, not a monthly fee, which would be big for me. Of course you couldn't get TV outside of the wifi range, which is kind of sad. However, you could possibly leave your computer on and be able to change channels through the Treo remotely to the desktop computer, which would then stream the show. Then you'd it anywhere you have an internet connection (though I still think you'd want to wifi for video).
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    I've got a TV card in my system and it doesn't work well remotely even with a very fast cable connection on both ends. My cable connections at home and work are both 3mbits. I'm not sure about the upload speed though. I don't think that anyone will get 30fps on a phone even with WiFi anytime soon. I also have the MobiTV service on my Samsung VI660. It is very choppy but nice to have. Sprint charges me $10 per month but then they give me a $10 credit each month so I guess I just pay tax.

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