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    Here goes another useless thread on the subject, but man this is getting out of hand.....first of all I cannot believe people are upset that other people may actually need a feature that they don't. There is nother wrong in saying that if P1 does not integrate Wifi, then please at least support a Wifi card for those who really do NEED it!

    We should not have to defend over and over again that there IS A NEED for Wifi beyond the personal needs of the users who are whiners whining about the wifi whiners whining about no Wifi.

    It is not a deal breaker for me, (just one large block in the over all appeal of the phone) but the advantages for my situation is invaluable. I am on the road alot with work (and since a share of Treo users are travelling business people I am probably not alone).

    The whiners whining about the wifi whiners, have used the following arguements to justify not needing Wifi or access to it in other threads....
    • it's a cell phone use your carrier, the US that is NOT an option if you roam. If you are out of coverage and in loose ALL DATA TRANSFER options through your cell phone carrier!

      Even though Sprint has a pretty good coverage area, there are still HUGE chunks of the US that are roaming. I am often times in roaming mode in backwaters, OR, ID, CA, and WY. When you roam...No Vision...No Vision then No Data....No Data then No Internet....No Internet then No Email or Web Access. No Internet or Email Access then I am tough out of luck while sitting in a McDonalds with Wifi waves flying all around me begging to be used for free.

      Take a look at the light green on the Sprint map for OR, WA, ID, and WY and you will see what I am talking about, as all of that area has NO data access with the carrier.

      EDIT: Here is a link to see how much of the US is still in Digital Roaming:

      Not to mention those outside of the USA who have to pay major money to use their carrier for data when Wifi would be free.

      These two points along justify a need for at least an option for a Wifi card.......

    • buy another device...nice loyality to the needs of loyal customers. But since this feature is either included or supported in a wide selection of other smartphones, I know of many people who have done just that...i.e. PPC-6600 (PDA2K).
    • Just use your laptop.....whoever falls on this arguement either never travels or never uses their convergence device for business. There are so many situations a laptop is not either convenient or impractical or impossible to use that it is ridiculous....i.e. I cannot use my laptop in the car to get my email, sitting in an airport, during a business meeting and need facts fast.
    • You don't Need it, you are just using for fun, like streaming songs at home or checking stats during the big game. Just use your stereo or desktop.....what is wrong with having fun with a feature that is a widely available option to take advantage of for fun or entertainment. I am a road warrior power user, but I also include entertainment within the value of the device for me.
    • Just wait until you get home to get your stats......This one again must of been from someone who never uses their treo much for business. Personally I am on daily and weekly deadlines and if I cannot check my stats until I get back home or to the hotel room to discover if there is a problem, I would be fired!
    Is there a need? Yes.

    Will EVDO, which is NOT available with the 650, resolve it? Only if it can work while Roaming.

    If I had wifi, and no EVDO, I think I would find myself using Wifi quite often....when I was at home, a free wifi hotspot, or in Roam as it would my ONLY option, all of which I seem to be in all a fair amount of time. Again, Wifi is not a deal killer if it supports an addon.

    I think the bottom line is to give the customer EVERY opportunity to get connectivity in ANY given situation he/she is in. If research shows that Wifi would NOT be supported by a majority of the customers, then at least make it an available addon to those who do want it or, more importantly, to those who NEED it.

    It is supply and demand....depending on the demand, then supply Wifi in the phone or as an addon....but the fact is, as several other threads have proved, there is a demand and there should be a supply to meet the demands of those customers.

    This is not whining, simply standing up for a great product to meet the needs of the customers who would love to stay with it and not turn to alternative OS or phones for the same amount of money that include these features.
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    nice hobbes, tks for posting - as for me, no wifi is a deal breaker. any mobile phone maker seems to be able to converge wifi with other essential tools.

    cannot avoid thinking that p1 avoids it because of pure marketing reasons - what else would there be left for the next upgrade?
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    wifi is not a deal breaker, just one of those things that would be nice. If i am at work and i cannot get cellphone coverage, i would like to check my email. i guess i could set up a long range bluetooth connection and hope that would work.
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    Well-said Hobbes. There are complainers and there are whiners: it's the "don't complain about my beloved Treo" ones that are the whiners. I tried the h6315 for a couple of weeks and was surprized how many open networks or free hotspots there are out there.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    You are 100% right. In fact Im reading TC from my Clie using WiFi . Right now Im at home watching my kid. So a laptop wont do it . Long live WiFi. Al
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    Thanks Hobbes for keeping it real.

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    Very well put Hobbes, I do miss the Palm OS having left Palm mainly over the lack of WiFi, I guess this is why I hang around here one day I could sell my XDA II and go back to using a Palm device, but they just don't seem to want to give us WiFi even as an add-on, I don't presume to think it has to be built in (not everyone needs it), but how hard can it be to make sure the SD slot has enough power to support a SD WiFi card and to write some drivers???

    That said my only real issue with my PPC is I can't sync with my linux box, so I had to dual boot windows for no other reason than to install software and support my PPC :/ Palm doesn't support this either but there are opensource options to allow it!
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    Again, with that price tag, WiFi should be use defending the corportae clowns who want us to pay more for data...hobbes is one of "them"
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistertreo
    Again, with that price tag, WiFi should be use defending the corportae clowns who want us to pay more for data...hobbes is one of "them"
    Well, first of all, it isn't sexy enough to close a deal for you to get a date. It is more power than the average mom needs to keep track of the kids soccer practice schedule. Who do you think a device like this attracts? I know I am road-warrior-power-user-geek and proud to be counted among the "Them"! (it is funny how many times when boarding a plane I always seem to hear one or three Treo going offline songs playing....just kind of warms the heart ).

    Second, I agree with you and that is a side point I was trying to make....we are paying the same amount we would pay for a selection of other phones that do offer Wifi or at least the option to use a card for it. This is one reason (and lack of memory) I have been looking looking very closely at the PPC-6600....which surprises me with how happy I was with the 600.
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    HobbesIsReal, that's one of the best, most articulate and comprehensive posts I've read in a while. Way to go! I won't even try to add anything more.
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    HobbesIsReal, thanks for your well thought out and written post. I'm hoping that someone delivers a SD Wi-Fi solution and hopefully it will include memory as well. I'm confident that next year, P1 will deliver a Treo with built-in Wi-Fi and BT using Cobalt. So in the meantime, if someone delivers a SD Wi-Fi solution for the Treo 650 I'll take that for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    It is not a deal breaker for me
    What an excellent post! This is a very reasonable take on the situation, I think, especially since you're honest enough to admit that it's not a "deal breaker" (I hate that phrase). You outline some very excellent ways in which Wi-Fi would be useful. Hopefully we'll at least get SDIO Wi-Fi this time around.
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    If I'm gonna have a laptop in my house it's gonna have wireless to hook up to my wireless network.


    If I'm gonna replace any functionality of my laptop with a cellphone it's gonna have...
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    Well said, HobbesIsReal. I too am very pleased with my Treo 600, but still having a close look at all the reports on said PPC6600 / PDA2K / XDAIIs, just because they seem to have a useable thumbboard and WiFi. I'm waiting to get my hands on both the Treo 650 and XDAIIs before making my decision.

    A quick search for "bluetooth network access point" found me this Belkin Bluetooth Access Point F8T030 with USB Print Server, that might well be something that can provide me almost the same internet connectivity of my WiFi hubs at office and home, and allows me to stay in Treo 6xx family and not go over to the dark side.

    regards, sabre23t =^.^=
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    The arguments presented by HobbesIsReal here are the reason I travel with a Tungsten T-3 and a Treo 600. The T-3 is small enough even with its IR keyboard and Palm WiFi card to fit unobtrusively in my medium sized Health Back Bag and the unlocked Treo 600 is good all over Europe.

    That being said, the Treo 650 with its 320x320 screen and the IR or now BT keyboard could replace the T-3, if it were WiFi compatable. More memory would be nice but even that could be overcome if the WiFi were built-in and we could leave a memory card in the SDIO slot.

    I still think I'll buy a Treo 650, largely because I already sold my Treo 600 and don't care to pay the high price for a BIG PDA2K. In the mean time, I hope P1 or Sandisk delevops a driver so I can use a WiFi card. That would at lease tide me over until P1 brings out the next generation with 128MB, and WiFi.

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    Well written! Still, I have read one other post that probably would articulate how I would feel if I were to switch.

    But I have to thank you and all who post here to share their thoughts and experiences.
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    The killer ap for WiFi on these kinds of devices will be VoIP. There are few if any actual technical hurdles to keep a device like the TREO 650 from switching Voice traffic to a free WiFi hotspot instead of using the carriers cell tower.

    BUT, this is big, as was clearly stated by the Palm guys at todays Roadshow in Dallas: "We CAN'T sell these devices except THRU the carriers!" So, until Sprint figures out how to bill you for the minutes you rack up with VoIP over WiFi instead of on their tower, don't hold your breath waiting.
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    wifi is great. posting on my pda2k on Wifi right now.
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    hrm, with the availability of very highspeed wifi on my campus and the fact that there is a wifi broadband ISP in my town, one could really do well with having a device that supports it.
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