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    I just received my third replacement Verizon Treo. This one, unlike the others has v1.04 of the firmware. I've noticed only small differences in function: the digitizer tap sequence is a bit different, the restart after a hard reset... anyone else notice something more important?

    The real difference is the screen. The two previous treos had what I would call a yellowish tinted screen. Also, the feel of it thru the stylus was very slippery. The new screen is considerably sharper in appearance, the yellow tint has been replaced by a blue/white and the feel is almost rubbery. I think all three devices are hardware rev C, but this is most certainly not the same screen. I wonder if they are refurbing the devices with a new screen...

    Anyone experienced something similar?
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    This is a company/device that costs alot of dough. Don't take this BS from them no blue and yellow tint you should get what you paid for..... not crap

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