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    Agendus Mail v4.02

    For my needs, the best just got better. Might be worth a look if your considering an email client.
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    Its even better, I agree. I've used it for the past 3 years and its only gotten better. I have sent the developer some ideas that I think would be very helpful including:
    1. Mail merge function. I am a realtor and have hundreds of contacts from different agencies. I would LOVE the ability to do an email merge instead of having to keep looking up each individual contact. Agendus has an option to filter contacts by groups and I would like to see this feature integrated.
    2. Documents to Go support. When selecting "send" from Docs to Go app, Agendus mail does not appear as a mail option thus not available to send documents. Snappermail and Versamail are supported, but not Agendus mail.
    The latest improvements in 4.02 are great.
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    how does it compare to Snapermail and ChatterEmail?
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    i wanna know also
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    I've used AM for the past few months and I also give it my unwavering support. Can't wait to try out the upgrade!
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    Does anyone have this problem with Agendus:
    Anytime I try to show my contact list by photo (instead of 'Compact' or 'Expanded') I get a pop-up that says "Photo Database not Found" -'The database containing the associated photo cannot be found'. I have installed all the components that were in the Agendus download, what am I missing?

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