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    Hope this is ok to do... I got no responses from the "accessory" forum so I moved it here... anyone with any electronics knowledge???


    Being a new Treo 600 user coming from a Samsung i600, I must say that I am very happy. Along with getting a new case (another post I have put up) I am also looking at getting one of those charge and sync cables.

    So, for my old phone I purcased the following:
    Sync and charge cable,
    USB to wall charger,
    USB to car charger

    My question is, can I just buy a new sync and charge cable for the Treo and continue to use the wall and car USB chargers? Or are these specifically made for the specific cables?

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    Also... Since I first posted this question, I got out a tester and checked the output of both power sources...

    Car adapter: 5.61 volts

    Wall charger (USB): 5.72 volts

    I think that the actual charger for the Treo says (this if off of memory here) 4+ volts and 1amp...

    I wonder if the two above are withing tolerance.

    Anyone out there with electronics knowlegde???
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    If the question is:

    Can I use the wall adapter or the car adapter that has a USB ouput with my Treo sync cable?

    I think the answer is yes. The output of the adapters should be the standard USB voltage, not the Treo charge voltage, so it's not surprising that the two are different. The sync cable should deal with that.

    If I read the USB voltage spec correctly (which is doubtful), the output range for USB should be between 4.5v and 5.25v, so it looks like yours might be a little high, but they probably drop when there's a load.
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