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    is there a way to scan business cards directly into the treo... or do you have to go through a computer?
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    We need to add that to our list of thing we want on our Treo 1000. A built in business card scanner. Where the case comes together horizontally, you could slide it through the Treo.
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    I wasn't making fun, just a thought. You question is a good one though I am interested in some answers.
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    Well, I can see how it could work.

    Take a picture of the card, let OCR software read the text and auto-fill the fields.

    Of course, with the crap that is the camera, the OCR would be taxed, at best, and I have no idea if the Treo has sufficient processing power to actually run OCR software.

    But that's one way it could be done, if someone were so inclined to write a solution.
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    With the new bar code program that is available, it seems that the technology could/ready exists in our hot little hands to make business card "camera scanning" a reality. The program would have to be pretty smart due to variations in business card layouts and content, but I would be happy to see a character dump into a fresh memo doc, then we could cut and paste as needed. Better yet,....scanning and insertion into contacts with choices like existing or new contact, category, etc...I think it would be a massive hit for sure. Can it be done??? When can I download it off mtdn?

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