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    you know, the scuff marks you get on the corners when you drop it? Any way (aside from trading it for a new one) to make them look any better? Do they sell new housings for this thing?
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    Shoot, I just leave mine as is....let your Treo wear its battle scars proudly, it provides character for your wonderful gadget!!
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    I agree with gacajun. So many of us are on our third or fourth, so proudly show that you've had your Treo long enough to scar it!
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    Don't drop it, or use a good protective case and don't drop it?
    Other than that I don't think I would mess with it as you could end up making it look worse.
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    The majority of my treo's scars aren't from dropping it, they're just wear and tear. The metalic stuff coating the nav button has been wearing around the edges for months now. The outer plastic case has some chips and scratches. I keep it in a case at all times, but it is almost a year old now so it's showing some age
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    just called today for first replacement, i cracked the screen at work, and i know that alot of other tc member are on like there third,fourth,and even sixed replacements are they sending hand spring logo or p1 and how is the apperance thank for your input.
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