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    Yesterday I took a trial of ZLauncher and used it to see what files were in my memory. I was suprised to see extensions of applications that I thought I'd deleted months ago! It seems that certain programs, when deleted, still leave "traces" in the system-eating up memory. I know there are apps like Neat-Freak, etc to do this, but does anyone know a way to remove an application completely, or at least figure out what other files might be related to that program?
    Maybe we can use this thread to list (if you are sure ) what the "bundled" files are with certain programs so that we can be sure they are all deleted.
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    it's worse with z-laucher. One 'feature' that I hate is that it doesn't actually delete anything when you tell it to delete. Instead, it just remembers not to show the app.

    broadly if you use filez, you can see the creator id of an application, and delete everything with that id. Some apps do save stuff under other ids - but not many.
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    Check PalmGear or Handango. There are a couple of "delete" programs that try to delete all the files associated with an application. They work better if you have them running when you install the app. That way they can keep a log of what files got installed and what modifications got made to existing files.
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