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    This might be a stupid question (I have been using the T600 for more than a year but always forgot to ask/check), I hope there's an easy answer.

    My default "Call Volume" (when in a call) set to 2-bars below the max.
    Is there any way to change the default value? I want it to be on the max value all the time (even after a reset).

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    I think its into PREFERENCES, select SOUND, from the APPLICATION drop down select PHONE, then on the SOUND MODE select number 7 on the ALERT VOLUME (the highest) and that should keep you on max volume. It stays there through a soft rest for me...
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    I tried, it is already set on 7 on my phone. I guess it's only for the Phone ring alert and not the voice level...
    Is your voice/call level always on the top (max) bar?
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    Yep - l use a Seidio headset, so I use its volume control wheel to adjust to the volume I want with the Treo set to the max bar.
    I just tried mine, reduced the sound level to 3 and the bars dropped down to two, reset it and it came back still on two.
    I tried it also on 7 with the same result...
    I read somewhere here a while back someone saying that no two Treos are the same...!
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    yeah i know what you mean, hitting that button on the side three or four times is brutal. Talk about a waste of time.....

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