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    These would rule if they are standard and can work with other BT devices, like say....the TREO 650. No more need for headphone adapter....or wires!
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    Nice find!

    That would be the PERFECT set of headphones... wrap around, BT... here's hoping they work with the 650!!
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    i have an ipaq and supposedly they will work with any bt device in the headset profile, but you can't use the built in buttons to control play/pause, etc unless you have a ppc
    it may be possible to get an app to intercept the signal and perform the correct operation... but who knows...
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    It doesn't look like these are dual phone and stereo function (or are they?). I'd like it better if it could do both. If I'm going to do convergence...then I'm going to do convergence!
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    I doubt they will work on a Palm device. In order to get bluetooth stereo support, you must have an advanced audio profile that no PDA currently has built in (the standard headset profile found on Palms and Pocket PC's won't support the headset). Its most likely an add on driver that ships with the headset and I doubt HP would ship a Palm audio profiile They don't even admit to working on non-HP Pocket PC's let alone other OS's. If it includes a dongle for non-bluetooth PDA's (which is not clear from the specs), that would probably work. But a dongle sort of defeats the purpose of a bluetooth headset, doesn't it?

    In fact, I wonder if the 650 will even support standard audio sounds through a regular non-stereo bluetooth headset. I doubt that it will. While a BT headset will work for phone calls, few PDA's also support standard PDA sound (music, games etc) through BT. In fact, only Pocket PC's like the HP iPaq 5500, 6300, 4700, Dell x30's and some of the Loox devices support standard audio throught BT. The 6300 is the only phone device that supports it. I don't know of any Palm that supports standard audio though BT.
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    i had my axim x5 using an ambicom BT card working audio through the BT... but then again that was an addon card so that's custom...
    it would be easy to lock out the software so that it only works on ipaqs, but from a business standpoint i would think they'd want to open it to all pocket pc devices, maybe they can limit it to wm2003, but you'd think they're alienating so many users by limiting it to their line of pdas. i'd bet that more people pass on the headset rather than switch to an hp...
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    wow those looks nice. we'll see if they work.
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    Word is that bluetooth doesn't have enough bandwidth for true full stereo, audio sound anyway. Fine for phone audio, but bad for music.
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    I think what they do is they compress the audio on the transmit end and then decompress it in the headphones. That's what the audio profile is all about. Remember that even MP3 which is a generation old gives something like 10:1 compression on audio. So there is plenty of bandwidth to do quality audio. Not sure which compression technique they use for the bluetooth audio profile. Anybody know??

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