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    I have decided to buy the Treo 600 on Verizon (I know, many opinions here but that's what I've decided). What is the cheapest way to get as of today?

    - Amazon has it for $349 but only for new customers it looks like.

    - Direct from PalmOne doesn't seem possible with Verizon since they don't show any plans and it says to just go into the store.

    - I can go direct to Verizon and I believe I qualify for their "New Every Two" which saves me $100 but I'll have to sign a two-year contract.

    Are there any other options? I could go eBay but I havn't found anything cheap enough to make it worth it. I suppose the advantage with eBay would be the lack of two-year contract.

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    soon as the treo 650 works on verizon i will sell you mine for $250.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grilla
    soon as the treo 650 works on verizon i will sell you mine for $250.
    Thanks for the offer but I would prefer the 650 so if Verizon offered it I would get the 650, it's just that I need a new phone now and I'm not waiting months for Verizon to come out with the 650. Or are you saying once the Sprint 650's can be activated on Verizon's network then you're going to sell your 600?
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    I purchased my Treo 600 from Verizon just a month ago. I was a current Verizon user, and did not qualify for "New Every Two". However I found a reference in a newsgroup to a deal they were running. If you sign up for an unlimited data plan, they will knock a $100 dollars off the price. After re-signing a two year contract, and signing up for a data plan i got my Treo for $300ish. I chose to keep the data plan, but the salesman confirmed with me that I could have canceled it the next day if I so choosed. One last note, most salespeople in stores have no clue as to what discounts they offer. You will have to push them to research the rebate.
    Michael Young
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    Well, I just went and got a 600 from Verizon. I did qualify for the "New Every Two" and got $100 off. Could I have also gotten ANOTHER $100 for signing up for the unlimited data plan?

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