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    Okay, I'm just plain sick of waiting...

    What if I buy a Treo 600 ($449-$100=$349 on Verizon w/ 2 year plan)

    Then turn around and upgrade to 650 when it becomes available ($549?)

    How much do you think I'll get back on the 600 when I sell it?

    I mean, if I can get $250 for the 600 somewhere down the road it's cost me $100 over that time.

    But, I probably wouldn't get a break on the 650 since I'm already in the middle of a 2 year plan. (it may cost more than $549?)

    What do you gurus think? I've got an old Kyocera smartphone I'm dying to replace.
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    you're in the same boat I'm in.
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    Are you sure about the 549 price?
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    That's a tough call. I don't know if I take the $100 for a 2-year plan. I got $100 for a 1-year plan last year from Sprint and I thought that was good, but 2-years is kind of killer if you are an early adopter (as Treo owners generally are).

    If you can get the Treo 600 with that free accessory package they were offering, I would think you'd be able to get at least $250 for it on ebay down the road (depending on when your road is). That would make the cost something $200 for that length of time, but you'd be able to use the 2-year credit down the line. Better yet, you might want to try eBay now and see if you can a Treo 600 for less than the $449 that Verizon is charging. You might be able to shave off $50 or more that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Advance The Man
    Are you sure about the 549 price?
    Just a guess, since someone mentioned gettting it on Amazon for that price.
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    If it makes anyone feel better, my Treo 600 fell on the toilet and broke the LCD, making 1/3 of the screen blue and yellow and unreadable (although the phone is totally functional). Had that not happened, I would have had not idea there even was a 650
    Now to fork out what I have heard is $649. and trash the old one. Any ideas on WHEN and WHERE to get one ASAP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirkeric
    If it makes anyone feel better, my Treo 600 fell on the toilet...
    I feel better, much, much better!


    (sorry to hear it)

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