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    I've been having terrible service problems with T-Mobile on my Treo 600 in the SF Bay Area and want to switch carriers without buying a new phone. Can someone tell me if what the PalmOne customer service rep told me sounds reasonable:

    1. I gave myTreo 600 serial number to the customer service rep to see if it was locked by T-Mobile or if it is an open-line phone. It turns out to be an open-line phone.

    2. Apparently, my only other choice with this phone is AT&T Wireless or Cingular (which T-Mobile roams on in California). Verizon and Sprint still use CDMA technology and have different TREO versions (i.e. no SIM cards).

    3. All I need to do is get service with AT&T wireless and I'm good to go. Swap SIM cards and the voice and data will work fine.

    Does this sound reasonable?
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    It's just that simple.

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