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    Will it be possible to upgrade the 600 to the 650's OS (5.4)? Or, if not, which I assume, does anyone know if individual applications (i.e. VersaMail, Blazer) of the 650 run on the 600?
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    i'm pretty sure this has been answered elsewhere with the answer of "no" but others can feel free to jump in on this.
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    At the NYC roadshow, they answered this question with, "we are working on it."
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    While Palm in the past has offered OS upgrades, they have been few and far between. I would be very, very surprised if they did. We have already had two ROM upgrades within the current OS. That is impressive based on history.
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    And I don't think Handspring has ever offered this for their phones due to the complexity involved.

    There are versions of VersaMail and Blazer that work on the Treo 600. I'm fairly sure those built-in Treo 650 applications are legally just for the Treo 650, thus even if they work on the Treo 600 you'd probably be breaking the law.

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