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    1. does pdanet work with mac?
    2. when i use it, it drops the connection a lot. do you guys have the same problem. I'm not sure i want to rely on it as my only home internet access due to this.
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    I could never get it to work with my Titanium G4 and was very bummed. It sounds like you had a little more success. Did you use Virtual PC to do it?


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    I have windows xp and it drops with that a lot. I am going to buy a powerbook though in all likelihood and i want to be able to use the treo as my internet connection.
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    Look in the Mac forum, ppl have had luck using WirelessModem
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    I've used Pdanet on two different XP laptops for up to 6 hours at a time without dropping the connection. It's one of my favorite apps.
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    I also use PDANet with both my Win2K and my XP Pro laptops, no problems with either. An EXCELLENT application.
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    Thanks, not sure why it's dropping...could be my carrier. vzw.
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    Another reason to use T-Mo.

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