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    I have 600 with pdanet and verizon. Assuming there is a VZW 650, I have some questions.
    1. Will PDA net work with a mac? (thinking of getting mac)
    2. Will data download to the web browser on the 650 at 3g or at their new broadband speed?
    3. Will the modem function of the 650 be able to use verizon's broadband access or will it be the current 155 ish downloads.
    Some might argue that vzw doesn't need to give away the broadband access but I bought the wireless internet card for my laptop with vzw when it came out and then a little bit later, many verizon cell phones could do the same modem function just using your minutes so I cancelled my wireless internet card with verizon (saved $80 per month). So, I'm wondering if vzw will put this broadband access in their phones, namely the 650, at least to download pages to the 650.
    Any thoughts/data would be appreciated
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    1. There's another program similar to PDA Net that works on Mac. It's called Wireless Modem or something like that. I don't use either, so I can't be more helpful than that.
    2. I don't know what Verizon offers for high speed, but the Treo 650 doesn't do any higher speeds for CDMA than the Treo 600. Thus what you get on the Treo 600 is what you get on the Treo 650, with some minor points. The browser is optimized to show text first so it will seem a lot faster though. Treo 650 also has a faster processor, so that might help if the bottleneck is there and not in the connection speed.
    3. I don't have Verizon nor understand the question, so I'll pass on this one.
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    thanks for the answers...i'm a little disappointed that it sounds like vzw 650 won't be able to take advantage of their broadband wireless with 300+kps speeds.
    I realized question 3 is a little muddled for people so, to make it shorter:
    When the 650 is functioning as a modem, will it access their broadband network or their regular somewhat fast network (I think it's about 155kps). Verizon gave their current crop of phones the ability to function as a wireless modem at this speed (155) for no additional charge other than using minutes. So, I was wondering if anyone knows if they plan to put the ability to access their broadband wireless network into any new phones, such as T650.


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