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    Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I've seen this fuctionality with other mobiles and don't know of a way to do it with my Treo.

    All day I sit at my desk at work with my Treo 600 connected to my PC via a sync/charge cable, and have the excellent PDANet (discovered via this forum).

    Now, when an SMS comes in or I want to send one I need to do this on the Treo itself - surely there's an application I could load on the PC that accesses the SMS database on the Treo and would let me read, edit and send SMS messages from the PC (better keyboard, cut and paste from PC etc). I used to use a Nokia free app that did just this and it made things much easier.
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    There is a product called PDA Reach that emulate the treo on your desktop, it works well.
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    For Mac OS users the iChat program lets you send SMS.
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    there's one called GoText which is free, and I LOVE It. it's simple, small, and does the job PERFECTLY.
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    i have the same concern. i feel it's such a waste of time deleting my sms one at a time. the GO TEXT software doesn't accomplish what i want to do. and i can't find the PDA REACH software. have u discovered the sms software of your dreams? if so, may you be so kind as to share it with me?
    tnx. bobby
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    PDAReach is found at - it essentially puts a skin of your Treo onto your PC, and allows you to control and interact with your Treo via your PC keyboard, as long as the Treo is connected to your PC via cable/cradle, etc.
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    PDAReach is very cool, but probably a little "overblown" for the simple act of sending SMS from PC via connected mobile phone. I wonder if there is a simpler app?
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    [QUOTE=nrosser]PDAReach is found at - thanks. i checked it out but it's not for the treo 180. i seem to have found my dream software. it's called SMSPal and is found at htttp:// except that i couldn't use the trial version (which could import only up to 50 messages) since there are almost 3000 sms messages on my unit. but from what the literature says, this seems to be what i need. is there somebody out there who has actually tried it?

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